Windhorse. It is probably not what you are thinking!

By MHarris

By MHarris

I know when my husband sees this title he will thinking I am writing a post on flatulence or something to that effect but nope Windhorse is not gastro related.  Instead it is another concept Sakong Mipham introduces in his book Ruling your World that has become one of my most coveted recommended readings.   Mipham professes that “When we have windhorse, we are able to accomplish what we want without many obstacles”. 

I am not sure if this book totally resonates with me because the timing is right for me to finally understand the messages within, the same messages that have been delivered to me over and over throughout my life time in different forms and variations or whether Sakong Mipham has been the first person to craft the messages in such a way that make total sense.  The truth is probably somewhere in the middle  and either way I feel compelled to share what I am learning along the way.

Sometimes in order to get a clearer understanding of a given concept it is first easier to describe its opposite, such applies to explaining what windhorse is about.  The opposite of windhorse is something called drip, a Tibetan word that describes “contamination of ourselves and the environment that arises when we are living on the “me” plan.  Fear, anxiety, stress are emotions that reduce windhorse and prevent or challenge our ability to bring about long life, good health, success and happiness.

Mipham explains that “when our mind is habitually agitated and discursive, drip becomes a veil of normality…acting on self-interest seems natural where we engage in activities that reduce our life force energy – eat foods that weaken our system, speak words that diminish our integrity, etc” and that developing Windhorse comes from paying attention to how we conduct our lives, think of it as clean fuel. Fuel generated by acting not on behalf of ourselves but for all beings.

This all makes sense to me for there is no question that when I allow myself to get frustrated, annoyed or become negative,  festering in these states truly thickens the mind as described in the book and further obstacles are attracted to create further pollution and difficulties.  Why is it so much easier though to eat junk food than healthy food, to be  negative than positive,  to find fault in others or to find it difficult to truly wish and support others in their success?  There is no question much of this has to do with socialization but  I am still mystified that this way of positive thinking is not the norm and it isn’t part of our school curriculum in how to positively train the mind in the wonders that truly await us in this more compassionate state.   The only reason I have danced around these topics before is because I have gone out looking for a greater meaning and/or direction in life but there is no question this way of thinking/living is gaining steam within the world.

Just maybe we have been living in the dark ages when it comes to truly understanding what we are capable of as a collective group and not isolated examples of individuals here and there. Just maybe a couple of generations down the road they will be teaching this within the classrooms just like yoga and meditation is starting to be accepted and embraced without any negative stamina. And just maybe those of us that have already started down this path have been given a special gift to grow and cultivate not only as individuals but part of a movement that is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on. Just maybe.


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