Dual presence

I am sure most people can relate to the occurrence of driving down a road only to realize they got lost in some deep thought and have no recollection from a certain point to their current point.  It is like the mind went on auto pilot for part of your drive and who knows whether this happens because you have done the same route countless times or are quite familiar with the area or it just has the ability to truly do two things at once.

This doesn’t happen to often to me as I try hard to stay focused for I know it can’t be that safe but when it does it is kind of neat how our brain can accommodate this dual tracking so to speak.  I also found that this sometimes happens when I am reading the girls a book.  When I read I often inflect my voice and mimic the tone of the character so occasionally when I find that I was able to continue this but yet get lost in time and space it is quite impressive.

This happened last night where I started reading and at some point I literally checked into another realm of thoughts, completely separate from the act of reading, and then found myself aware again reading but 2-3 pages have been covered.  It is not my goal to multi-task like this for I actually enjoy this time reading to the girls but I do find it incredibly remarkable how the brain can compartmentalize like that and create two separate functioning worlds while yet connected. Again incredible.


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