Growth has happened – yahoo!

Mid day yesterday,  I went to a yoga class I haven’t been to before and was looking forward to it.  As I was placing down my mat and getting all my props together the room was dark, the incense were burning, and the ambiance was calm and relaxing, when all of a sudden I heard the muffled cry of a baby. What? The instructor had her 2-3 month old baby at the front of the room. Another WTF?

Immediately my back stiffened and I started to get annoyed, for going to a yoga class is my safe haven from the stresses of my own children and other parts of my life. And paying to do yoga with an intermittent crying baby in the room in my mind is not my idea of a relaxing time.  The old me would allow the stress of this intrusion to start to build within letting tension take over my body and contaminate my mind with anger and frustration but the new me told myself that this isn’t ideal or preferred but just maybe I could handle it while minimizing the frustration.  So I started to accept that this baby was going to be another member of the class and slowly the tension that I collected so far started to fade into the mat below me as I lay in corpse pose.

Apparently it was the instructors first day back teaching and I found it interesting that she didn’t apologize or explain the presence of her child within the room. A part of me thought it would have been only polite to ask for our support but nope her fierce confidence and wicked personality was brave enough to assume that our acceptance or tolerance should naturally exist and maybe she is right??

After an extra long beginning relaxation the instructor tried to pass off her child to her mom but that didn’t go over to well and he was back in the class with us. Eventually the baby was passed successfully to Grandma and the instructor could walk around uninhibited by a little one glued to her chest. All during this time I continued to choose to accept the situation and as corny as it sounds every breath I took for the first bit I said a little mantra about supporting this new mom and by the time the class ended I was completely at peace with the presence of this little one (for he came back in).  There is a part of me that even wondered if the Universe was giving me a little test of how far I have come and I am  proud to say “FAR!”.


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