Talk about a Challenge


I had a moment of weakness and added something to my already busy plate but I am so looking forward to the experience….co-instructing a 10k Running Room clinic with a good friend of mine, who I will nick name the XSkier. Neither one of us have led a clinic before but each of us have been through the Running Room ranks over our running career. I think I have done at least 7 back to back marathon clinics alone in the last 3+ years.

It will be very different to train for a 10k this coming season but I think that is what the doctor ordered to get me back into my running game and tame my ego and perception of needing to do a half or full marathon to be in the running community. The goal race of this upcoming training series which is to start next week is Toronto’s 10k race on April 21st.

So I signed up for the event and not only did I get a confirmation of my event entry in my email but I also got another email challenging me to beat my best time on record.  I should note that this time was from 2008, London was only 1 years of age back then ad Reilly 3.  Instead of getting faster I slowed down, partly because of moving up to the marathon distance but there has also been some other stuff going on to hold me back and although quite a bit of it has to do with the stress and challenges in my life, I think there is something on the mental side as well. Need to explore this a bit more.

In the mean-time, I will not challenge myself to beat this time but rather commit to give it my all during this upcoming training session. This includes placing increased importance on eating well, minimizing stress, and focusing on quality not quantity of training runs.


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