Gone Girl Review


 Warning...if you haven’t read this book you might not want to read my post for I do talk about the end of the book.

This book came highly recommended to me and I was able to fly through it as I looked forward to seeing how the plot would further twist and turn through the drama of what happened to the missing wife in the story.  I definitely found it well written and entertaining and although it highlighted some of today’s current media trends with crime reporting, crime television shows, and stereotype behaviours of looking at the husband when a wife goes missing or shows up dead, it wasn’t as thought provoking as other books have been for me.  But maybe that wasn’t the point and it should be viewed as simply good entertainment.

I do have an issue though with how it ended. I thought to myself that can’t be it, there must be more and proceeded to turn the page thinking that there might be an epilogue or further pages but no.  I am struggling to determine if my disappointment has to do with wanting/expecting satisfaction that Amy would get caught in her lies and justice more or less would be done or whether the end was a perfect fitting to the interweave of craziness within the story line.   I did find it genius from Amy’s point of view to trap her husband with getting pregnant but to think that she would be allowed to raise this unborn child is unsettling.

Right now I am leaning towards a disappointing and frustrating end to the book for I obviously have missed some important point the author is trying to make or maybe I do understand the author’s intention and I simply am uncomfortable with how unclean she ended the story.



One thought on “Gone Girl Review

  1. I felt similarly about the ending, but that’s part of why it was so good! I always have to remind myself that not everything can end with rainbows and butterflies and justice, and I think the way this ended was amazing. Horrifying and incredibly dark, but amazing.

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