Safe Haven


Right now I am almost done listening to the audio book “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks.  I go through phases of listening to audio books to pass the commuting time to work and this is the latest book in my car. When I picked this audio book from the library I simply went to the shelf and picked out two audio books that spoke to me without even reading the backs. Crazy I know but I have been wildly successful at following this method in the past and have listened to some great books. One being Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. So I didn’t know of this author’s past success and was just willing to give it a try based on it reaching out to me.

When I was watching the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah late last week I noticed a movie preview for this book .  In a way I was disappointed in seeing the movie trailer before I had finished the book because I had my own vision in my head as to what the characters looked like and because I am listening to the book, the voices are already ingrained due to it being an audio book. Now seeing parts of the trailer has thrown me off a bit in trying to reconcile the actors appearances versus my imagination. Although I do like it when some books are made into movies, such as the Hunger Games and others, I have almost always have read the book first unbiased to mass market appeal.  Oh well, I will get over it.

Having said that I am really enjoying Safe Haven.  It is about a young woman in her late twenties who flees an abusive relationship.  She starts over in a small town with nothing but initial fear and yet hope. Of course there is a wonderful love story threaded into the mix.   What I love about the book is the courage for the character to start over and although it is only fiction I am sure many people can relate to the main character’s story.  We all have a story of challenge, although it might manifest itself in different ways, whether it is physical or mental abuse at the hands of others or ourselves, hardship, or internal turmoil that creates such a fury that escape is the only answer (see Wild).

At the end of the day, this story speaks to the resiliency and courage that so many people demonstrate as we navigate through life.  It is also a great reminder for many of us with lesser battles that we do have the ability to change our world, so stop whining about ones current circumstances and do something about it.


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