Perfect Circles – A Book Review


My middle sister has a real good eye for books. She gave my husband a book last Christmas called “Two Wheels” by Greg Moody.  Both my husband and I ride recreationally and love to watch the Tour de France each July.  So coming across this cycling book was quite an entertaining treat.   Two Wheels is a murder mystery set in the world of European professional cycling.   Although it is a fiction, you learn a lot about the team cycling dynamics and the intense pressure of this particular sport that I am confident rivals most other sports from an endurance perspective.

This Christmas, my sister gave my husband the sequel to Two Wheels called “Perfect Circles”.  It continues with the main character, Will Ross, who is preparing to ride the Tour de France with his team – Haven Pharmaceuticals – and of course gets in the middle of another tangle of issues, including death and performance enhancing drugs.  The timing of reading this book is very interesting  given Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah.  It will be fascinating to follow the after-math of his admission to using performance enhancing drugs.

I would have to agree that Dan Wetzel’s account of Lance’s interview in bang-on in that there is no question that he has some sociopathic characteristics with his admission.  He highlights that it is one thing to admit to doping and what is involved on that front but to have engaged in the often ruthless bullying tactics on those that dared present the truth is outstanding.  Someone with that degree of narcissistic personality would definitely have an ulterior motive in play as opposed to truly wanting to come clean and make amends for all the people he has harmed along the way.  Either way it will be interesting to see the rippling effect of Lance’s ‘coming forward’ on the many individuals involved in the past, the corporations, sponsors, etc and the effect on cycling going forward.

Back to Perfect Circles…I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the world of cycling or just wants an entertaining murder mystery.


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