A private little nook tucked away from the world

I don’t know why so many children love to build forts or hideaways with blankets or sheets, an empty large box, or under a table or two. I do remember though it was always so exciting to be within one of these structures. A place that created a sense of privacy and adventure, where you could let your mind create endless scenarios of where you where or what you were doing.   More often that not we would bring our stuffed animals or favourite toys with us to be a part of the particular adventure we were on and when we entered this ‘fort’ we got lost in this other world, erasing the context that we were simply under some sheets within our home.

I believe this make-believe play is quite universal but there is also something alluring for a child to create a private little place that only they could go.  A place where they have control and something to call their own, however, temporary.  My youngest daughter, London, hasn’t made too many forts at our place (will need to change that) but talked excitedly about one she created at her friend’s house last night that reminded me of her little nook.  London has created a special little place just for her within our home though that I find absolutely adorable.  My other half thinks it is a little crazy and gets a little uptight seeing the clutter she has created but I love the little cozy spot that she has claimed as hers.

This first picture is of our Family room and I am pointing to where her nook is, it doesn’t look like there is even any space from this picture.

The arrow points to London's nook. Reilly is on the couch playing.

The arrow points to London’s nook. Reilly is on the couch playing.














The two pictures below are different angles of the nook she has claimed as her own. In the past few weeks, she has retreated here off and on with all her little belongings.  It is just enough room for her little body to set up shop and creatively play or just hang out with her own thoughts. Although in reality she is so close to the rest of us, the physical space allows her to feel disconnected from us.  It is interesting that despite having her own room it doesn’t provide such similar allure as this little space does. I wonder if it is because anyone of us can easily walk into her room but only she can fit into this space. A place we would dare not go to.

I see absolutely no harm in her keeping her private nook and if anything relish in the knowledge she feels safe within it and can explore the creative side of her mind. If only I could gain an inside peak into the adventure she is on when she is tucked away in the corner without making her self-aware or apply a filter. The joys of child hood.



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