Between a rock and a hard place

I wish there was a photo out there with a person standing in the middle between two rocks. On either side of each rock is London pushing hard on it towards me and then on the other side you see a larger rock with Reilly leaning on it, with her back towards it. The person is me feeling the force from both sides in spades with no where to go. This morning I did not want to get up and wish I could have thrown a little temper tantrum with refusal to get out of bed. I did stay in bed a little longer than usual and then kicked off the covers with anger as I sauntered into the shower. The reason for my mood, another sleepless night.

Prior to the fall, normally on Tuesday mornings I would get out of bed around 4.30 am willingly and get my running clothes on to join my friends for a 10k run. Not any more due to the sleeping issues. A big sigh. Last night it was a double whammy. I had troubles falling to sleep and just when I would have turned in, London started crying and complaining that her legs hurt. Damn growing pains. After consoling her I turned out the lights around 11.00 pm only to wake up a couple of times to Reilly making noises. The first two times were false alarms and there was no need to go to but then at 3.30 am she awoke and was bright eyed and bushy tailed. She had fallen asleep at 6.30 pm the night before as she was dead tired from the first day back at school after the Christmas break.

For my sanity sake, I gave her some Chlorahydrate in apple sauce, for I couldn’t be up from 3.30 am on wards and Mike needed his sleep too. At 4.00 am she wasn’t showing signs of tiredness so I turned on her tv and went back to my bed only to hear her squawk away. I don’t know what time I finally fell back asleep but eventually I nodded off until the alarm went off at 6.00 am.  It is not like we have been doing nothing on this front but we need to step it up big time for neither one of us can keep going at this rate.


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