2013 is all about purging

It was quite fitting to come across this article as I have been going through quite the purging exercise within my own home.   Sannah Kvist the photographer behind the images decided to explore the concept of consumerism. All the subjects were born in the ’80’s from Sweden and they were tasked to organize all their belongings anyway they desired. My one question is where is all their winter gear? Last night we went for a night-time skate which was lovely as it was only -1 degree celsius but it made me think of the lack of winter gear in these photos.   The criteria was that they had to include all their stuff but there must have been an exception for how could they get away living in Sweden without it.  I digress though.

The article explores a few interesting topics including how this generation is believed to be growing up in ‘worse social conditions than their parents’.   I have come across this belief in a few different places now, particularly on the financial side.  In fact, the author of Wild I noted from a recent post, Cheryl Strayed, indicated that it would take her until she was in her early 40’s to pay off her college tuition loans, which I hear is quite common these days and will set quite a few people back in being able to prepare for creating a retirement nest-egg.   I am not sure if my generation (born in the 70’s) falls into this category or not but when I look at my own investments, I certainly have not experienced the same rate of return my parent’s generation experienced over their time.   The other changing trend is how this generation is showing signs of being less materialistic, again I don’t think my generation falls into this category as I look at my fellow social network and the level of debt they are acquiring to get the latest tech gadget, tv or household item.   It would be interesting to explore this further.

Pictures Of Millennials With Everything They Own (And It Isn’t Much) by SANNAH KVIST

Pictures Of Millennials With Everything They Own (And It Isn’t Much) by SANNAH KVIST

Although my husband and I don’t want to live like minimalists we are both committed to changing our materialistic and consumer buying patterns to avoid accumulating so much unneeded waste/junk within the house.   In the last few weeks alone we have made countless trips to the local charity drop-off site and 3 trips to the garbage dump.   There is no question we have made a huge dent in what we are trying to accomplish but still have a ways to go.  If I stop and dwell on how much money we have spent on what is going out the door I might make myself crazy so I need to focus instead on the benefits of having an uncluttered home.


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