Another edition of kids say the darnest things

The power of advertising….

Unfortunately I came down with a sinus infection New Year’s eve  so needless to say the last two days haven’t been the greatest.  Anyways, this morning as I was getting ready for work I had to blow my nose and just grabbed some toilet paper as the kleenex box wasn’t in the room.  London noticed and said that tissue wouldn’t really help. I was puzzled and said what do you mean? She said it doesn’t help you get better and there are lots of germs. She said that you can get strips to put on your nose to help you breathe better.  I was amused and prodded her on by asking her to tell me more. She said that since I had a cold and she also had one that maybe we could both get them for the night so we could sleep better as they are much better than kleenex. She said that we can then breathe right and then you can see the flashlight go on in her little mind and announced that is what they are called Breathe Right!  I asked her when she learned about these strips and she proudly told me a commercial. At least she is not asking for Fruit Loops.

Breathe Right Wouldn’t you know they do have Breathe Right for Kids!


Last night she was also very cute with her words.  She came out of her room and started walking towards me saying ‘Did I mention that I MAY have a tummy ache tonight?’. I indicated very seriously that she hadn’t mentioned it before but it was good to be given advance warning of such a possibility. She then indicated that because she MIGHT have a tummy ache she will have to come into our bed. For those that don’t know London she will try to find any excuse in the book to sleep with us.  I told her that hopefully she won’t have a tummy ache and that she sleeps well for her sake (and ours :-_)).   Well I can say she thankfully did not have a tummy ache in the night and slept through the night unlike her sister Reilly. Don’t know what we are going to do on that front but that is for another time.


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