Dogs can help a child with special needs!

Yesterday afternoon we were invited to a friend’s open house to celebrate the holiday season.  She has  a cat and a dog (semi-hypo allergenic) and due to my allergies I always dread such get social gatherings for I never know how my allergies are going to act up on any given day.   Of course wouldn’t you know that I forgot to take an anti-histamine in advance.  Putting that behind me, we arrived and were greeted warmly of course by the host but also by her dog “Zoe”.  Zoe instantly took to both girls but particularly Reilly right from the moment she got in the door. She sidled up to her and stood on her hind legs to give her a kiss.

For the first bit we walked Reilly around but then she started to get restless so we resorted to the usual comfort technique and sat her on the couch with the Ipad and a Winnie the Pooh video. Normally we could leave Reilly somewhat unattended on the couch with her in eyesight  but with Zoe around we couldn’t do that.  For the minute we sat Reilly down, Zoe was up on Reilly’s lap giving her countless kisses. We would get Zoe down and she would be right up there again wanting to snuggle into Reilly and flood her with endless affection.  The host offered to put Zoe in her bedroom but Reilly wasn’t bothered by it and my allergies seemed to be in check so why not allow her to bask in this affection as we tried to control it a bit for hygienic reasons, lol.

photo (3)

Zoe did mingle with the other guests, especially those with food, but kept coming back to Reilly. She enjoyed playing with London too but there was something honestly special with her interactions with Reilly.   I asked our host whether what she was doing with Reilly was normal as it is obvious that Zoe is naturally a loving and lovable little dog and she said affirmed that Zoe definitely was giving Reilly more attention than normal.


If I didn’t have my allergies I know we would already have had a dog by now despite my other half not being a dog lover.  I did grow up with a poodle which is supposed to be hypo allergenic but I still had lots of problems.  Reilly has always been interested in dogs but has been selective on which ones she reacts positively too but after experiencing this recent interaction I am determined to find a dog that minimizes my allergy issues and responds most warmly to Reilly.  There is no question that Zoe sensed that there was something special with Reilly and decided to ensure that she was given all the attention she deserves.  Last night I was able to get my husband to also agree that we would seriously look into this once we got settled into our new life, assuming it will be Calgary.  Here is to hoping there is another Zoe out there for Reilly.


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