Kids say the darnest things


Last week London told me she has a new classmate who doesn’t speak English. I inquired where he is from and what language he speaks and at first she wasn’t sure. She has since told me that he speaks Russian and is in Junior Kindergarten (JK). I asked her whether she and her other classmates have made him feel welcome and encouraged her to make sure she includes him at lunch and during the various play activities. This little boy seems to be settling in nicely at least from London’s innocent perspective. I can’t imagine being in a new environment and not being able to understand what everyone is saying and of course this exact scenario may be playing out with Reilly. I hold hope that she understands everything we are saying and over time we can figure out a way to allow her to communicate with us.  It certainly tears at my heart that she has no way to communicate with us. A big sigh.

Last night London brought up again this little boy who speaks Russian and we started to talk about other people who know more than one language. She said quite proudly that we also speak another language too. I asked her what language for we only speak English. She quickly commented Spanish and proceeded to count to 10  in it. I laughed and said there is a lot more to speaking another language then being able to count to 10. Man she is cute.


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