Parenthood – Testing my patience

I have to confess but I am addicted to watching DropDeadDiva on Netflix, not my usual television show preference especially due to the flightiness of a couple of main characters. Nevertheless it has become my guilty little pleasure. The funny thing is that London enjoys watching it too and now requests if we can watch it together. This morning we had 15 minutes to spare so I said sure we can start an episode and finish it in the evening as long as she agrees after 15 minutes to promptly brush her teeth and get her snow suit on. After her agreement we started the show and 3 minutes before we had to stop it I let her know we were close to having to end it and then we would have to get ready. So at the 15 minute mark I promptly shut it off and said okay now let’s quickly get ready as we have 5 minutes before having to leave for her bus.

First she groaned that we had to stop the show. Second she decided to stretch across my lap like a cat (stall technique). I started to get irritated knowing that she was stalling and said London let’s get going.  Now she was irritated and said she was stretching as if it was on the same level as going to the bathroom or something critical.  I moved her off me and she continued to stretch.  Not being able to control my temper I barked at her to get her snow pants on and she slowly sauntered towards me. I expedited the process by putting the snow pants on and asked her to finish up. I brushed her teeth. She already did so earlier on but I could smell morning breath due to her having to breath through her mouth as a result of a new cold coming on. I told her I had to go upstairs to get a couple of things but wanted her ready by the time I came down. When I was upstairs brushing my own teeth, I could hear her chatter to herself (or me) about whether her crocs still fit. Huh? Of course when I got downstairs 2 minutes later she had her snow pants on, her winter jacket, hat and mitts and her summer crocs. I swear kids are given a manual at birth how to piss off their parents. She wanted me to see if they still fit her and again I barked that now was not the time and to get her snow boots on. WTF? Seriously! Of course she was miffed that I wouldn’t indulge her and had no appreciation that we had limited time to get out the door.  The problem is that even if I allowed 10 minutes to get out the door, the final 2 minutes would still involve me being on her case to finalize getting ready.  Love the girl but I really don’t understand how this smart kid can act so stupid when it comes to getting ready.


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