On Sunday afternoon a friend of a friend was holding a drumming session and given both girl’s love of music I elected to take them both DESPITE my lack of musical talent.  In retrospect I should have sent Mike instead.   Unfortunately by the time the afternoon rolled around, London’s eyes were all glassy and she was fighting quite a cold so I had to leave her behind much to her disappointment. I was fighting quite the headache myself but didn’t want to miss this opportunity for Reilly so off we went.

I had no idea what to expect and truthfully if I knew all the details I probably would not have accepted the invitation for a couple of reasons but in the end it more than worked out. The host had over 12 of these African drums (Djembes) and we all got one to use.   At first Reilly and I shared one and then I was able to set it up so she could bang away as she felt like it and I had my own to keep up with the group.  It ended up being a 2 hour drumming lesson.  As expected Reilly was captivated by the drums and was relatively patient as we moved from exercise to exercise. She did become quite chatty when we stopped playing as if to say ‘please keep going’.    I was worried that she would be disruptive either because of the verbal noises she made throughout or her mere physical presence as a severely handicapped person but I believe the radiant smile on her face was so priceless that she managed to capture the hearts and souls of all the other drummers in the room.  It was truly wonderful to see the sparkle in her eyes throughout the session.

The session for me only confirmed my lack of musical talent. I absolutely love music, especially the base sound of drums but unfortunately my mind is just not programmed to learn a musical instrument.  We did quite a few exercises including repeating notes that were made by the leader and I struggled with the basic patterns of recall. Then when we did a 3 part song and I had to visually look at someone and mirror what they were doing and even then it was difficult. It was fascinating in one way how I am so good in some things but when it comes to music memory work or languages I fall flat on my face or rather ears. That is why I should have sent Mike for he has the musical ear but having said this I have committed to going to the next couple of sessions for Reilly’s sake.  Anyways here is to expanding out of one’s comfort zone.

I would never have signed up for this drumming session if it weren’t for Reilly so here is a great example of a door she has opened for us. Thank-you!


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