One thing about me, is that I am quite honest and probably too honest in some cases.   Last night instead of saying to my husband, “hey, I came across this fantastic photography site and I think you would love looking at this guy’s pictures”. I said “hon, someone “liked” a recent blog post and in looking at their web-site I see they have a great photography blog that might be of interest to you”.  Now I should back up and mention that my husband bought a fancy dancy SLR camera last spring as he has always had an interest in photography and has become the photographer in the house.  Recently he has just spent quite a bit of time trying to take photos of the Harvest Moon as he experimented with all sorts of settings and my patience in wanting him to come in and watch the Season Premier of Grey’s Anatomy, one of my guilty tv pleasures.   He is just learning and would love to learn more, so naturally I thought this guy’s web-site would definitely peak his interest, especially since he provides some detail on how he sets up various shots. Well that opened the door to this comment “hey, how come some stranger can see your web-site and you haven’t given me the link?” Here is my oops.

I had no intention at least at this point to make my blog public to my intimate social circle, particularly my husband. Not that I have anything to hide but rather I wanted a medium where I could experiment with my thoughts, explore different topics, document my progress in certain areas of my life without any weight attached to the process.  Especially since what I am doing with this blog creates a huge sense of personal vulnerability and uneasiness for it is new territory for me, one to write and another to express these thoughts in a forum that could be read by anyone.   It is almost like getting undressed in front of your lover, husband, boyfriend, or stranger, whoever it might be, and asking them to turn the lights out so they can’t see any imperfections, the extra weight around one’s waist or the wrinkles that are starting to form on the face, or the mismatching bra and underwear set you might happen to be wearing on the given day.  Note: Honey, if you ever end up reading this I do not have a lover, you are it! xoxox.  

I know part of the journey someday will be to give my husband the link to this site but for now I need the privacy.  I did tell him the day he starts journalling on a blog and gives me further insight into what goes on into his head, then I would gladly turn over access to this one. Something tells me that I will be signing up for a retirement home before that happens.


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