This morning one of my fellow morning runners wanted to get in 15k as she is going away for the weekend.  I wanted to take it easy this week so I negotiated with her and one other friend to do an 8k loop where they could drop me back at my car and continue for the balance of the run.  We didn’t meet until 5.30 am which seemed like a sleep in, in comparison to our normal meet up time of 5.00 am.  Unfortunately the weather tides are definitely turning as it was a chilly 4 degrees out (celsius).  Although the cooler temperature made for a great run it is kind of sad to say farewell to summer, it is like bidding farewell to a good friend who is going on a trip for a few months, you will miss them dearly when they are gone and will relish their return. Well that is the same for me with summer. I will go into a little mourning period over the next few weeks as the weather teases us here and there with warmer temperatures and then I will have to say a final goodbye and make the best out of the few months before it returns back to me in the May time frame.


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