Thurs Run Club

Last night 8k at MRP (goal: 5:40/km) was on tap for the running schedule. It has been awhile since I have run in the evening and I thought earlier in the week when I worked out my schedule that we would see cooler weather at night but that was not the case.  Plus I have always found running Thurs evenings tough after a long day at work but I view this extra condition equivalent to those that might run with a weighted back pack to simulate race/event day conditions or to take ones training to an extra level. Either way race day will feel easier!

So here are the stats from last night:

2.25k warm-up  average pace 6:00/km

7.25k at MRP average pace 5:50/km

1k – 5:43/km; 2k – 5:32/km; 3k – 6:20/km (walk break, I know too slow of a walk); 4k – 5:56/km; 5k-5:40/km; 6k – 5:50/km; 7k – 5:47/km

2.25k cool-down average pace 6:08/km (I swear I was running well below a 6 average for I ran back with the Gazelle of the group – disappointing)

Overall I am not thrilled with the results of last night. The paces definitely reflect what I have been able to put into training so far so I really don’t  ‘deserve’ to be faster but it was another reminder that I need to get my eating under control and to really commit to my training.  I am definitely holding myself back, will need to probe this more later.



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