Given that it was the girl’s first day of school I debated on sending out the email last night confirming who was in for our regularly scheduled  5.00 am Tuesday run but eventually decided that I could make it work without feeling too stressed or tired the rest of the day, thanks to my mom helping out this week.  In the end it was just Marlene and myself which was great so we could catch up.  Plus she is always so giving on the pace front where I can talk without gasping for breath.

Given that Marlene is completing a half-iron man this weekend, she only wanted to do 8k as opposed to our usual 10k which was just fine for me. No sooner were we 2k into our run when I grabbed her arm as I saw a skunk up ahead crossing our paths.  Now you will have to appreciate that at 5.00 am in the morning it is quite dark and if it wasn’t for the streak of white in its fur, we could have come right upon it before it was too late.  In all our runs to date we have never come across a skunk along this particular path and no sooner had we sighed some relief we came across ANOTHER skunk and carefully sidestepped or rather cautiously ran around it. Needless to say on the rest of the run we were under high alert for more skunks and were extra sensitive (at least I was) to any suspicious noises. I think we were so hyper aware and sensitive we got scared needlessly by a biker coming up behind and I also freaked out by some noises I heard in the bush, to the point I jumped aside.   It honestly sounded like some wild dog was coming out from the bushes towards us (minus any dog sounds). Don’t ask, I guess you just had to be there.

I am counting my blessings that our “run in” with two Pepe Le Pew’s was in the end was rather uneventful and not a story in the making.


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