I ran a 14k trail run at the Limber Lost event back on July 14th and I will be finishing my race report one of these days. In the mean-time a friend found our finishing photos and seeing them was another rude awakening of how much weight I have gained. If I ever needed incentive this is it and although I am quite mortified to put it up for possible public display, I feel that I need to do it in order for it to serve as a constant painful reminder that I need to work  hard on changing this image.

This morning I met L for our usual Tuesday 5.00 am run and again I felt like I was wearing a weighted vest.  It was probably 30 degrees with the humidity and we were drenched right from the get go.  L is much stronger than me but she kept at my pace and in the end we completed 10k at an average of 6:15/km.


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