Monday Recap

Last week I was excited to get on the bike for what I could consider the first time in the season. And not only did I get out once but twice!   It felt great to be on my old bike again and in some ways it was like meeting up with an old friend for lunch. We were able to reacquaint with each other in no time and it felt like no time has passed since I was last on it. The only crappy part is this year I started to use clipless pedals and where my clips on my shoes are positioned are not in the most natural/intuitive position. So I have to look down almost every time to line my feet up on the pedal and try to clip in. I need to get my Bike mechanic (aka Mike) to adjust them for me.

Monday – 25k bike ride

Tuesday – traveled to a Client site 😦

Thursday – 9k run

Friday – 5.00 am Boot camp

Saturday – 25k bike ride

Sunday – 24k run


Total Bike mileage: 50k

Total Running mileage: 33k



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