Turning a new Leaf – Again!

Instead of the line from LMFAO’s song “I’m sexy and I know it”, after the run club session last night I will be singing “I’m sexy fat and I know it”. I know I have gained weight recently and I know that it is stifling my running but last night’s run club workout made it all too apparent I have slipped majorly in my running abilities and it needs to change!

The workout was supposed to be as follows, along with the actual times:

Thursday – 4k warm-up  (Actual:  5:50/km average – probably a little too fast for the warm-up part)
  – 2k @ LT + 0:20 pace  (5:20/km) – (Actual 5:31/km)
  – 2k @ LT + 0:10 pace   (5:10/km) – (Actual 5:24/km)
  – 2k @ LT  pace  (5:00/km) – (Actual: A fellow running friend was heading back so I too called it quits as I felt deflated and knew I would have major troubles with the last 2k)
There should be a SHORT walk break after each 2k repeat; about 1 minute.
   – 3k cool down (Actual: cool down)
Despite feeling like crap for not being able to keep up with my fellow pace group when I got home I pretty much wanted to indulge in ‘bad food’. I managed to resist and had a healthy sandwich instead but it took every resistance muscle I had not to reach for a chocolate granola bar. This is not going to be easy but I need/want to get back to where I was running and fitting into my clothes!
This morning I got up at 4.30 am in preparation to meet my bootcamp posse at 5.00 am. I wasn’t able to confirm the day before that they were going to be there and figured if no one showed I would turn around and do my own thing. I was exhausted and sore from last night’s intense workout but I was happy to see the lights of L’s car in the parking lot of where we usually meet and B pulled up just after us. She put us through 40 minutes of bootcamp drills and I took us through 20 minutes of a yoga cool down. Although some of  the exercises were tough I enjoyed every minute of it.
We also had a cheerleader this morning, or maybe there were two cheerleaders that were keeping a close eye on us with curious but playful eyes.  Given my past experience with a Fox who was quite playful with my belongings I recommended that we all hide our keys, just in case. 
When I got home I got on the scale. Drum roll………152.4 pounds. Goal to lose 20 pounds!
Here I go….

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