Last night I grabbed a few books to read to Reilly before bed.  Whenever possible, I try to give Reilly a choice between two books and given her intense love/attraction to anything Winnie the Pooh related, almost always one of these choices includes a Winnie the Pooh book. Last night the first two choices included a Winnie the Pooh book (I couldn’t find the exact image title) and Chocolatina; which we have read quite a few times thanks to her sister’s choice making.

Reilly indicates her choice by setting her gaze on the desired item but she will also sometimes swat the desired choice with one of her hands. Her eyes though are the most reliable indicator of the two actions but sometimes you don’t always have a good vantage point in seeing where her gaze goes.  Last night upon looking at both books she settled her eyes on Chocolatina and also swatted for the book. This was a huge surprise to me for she has never chosen a non-Winnie the Pooh book EVER whenever it is in the mix.  I thought we had a little break through on the interest front so I settled in beside her on her bed and picked up the chosen book. I didn’t get past page two when she started to squawk in protest. I told her that she chose it not me, so I continued but she continued with the squawking.  So I then picked up both books again and told her she was the one that chose the other book so choose again. This time she only gazed at Winnie the Pooh and had a look on her face like I should have known.   I have no debate in my mind she chose the Chocolatina one but maybe after the first page she realized ‘oh man this is going to be boring, I would like to change my mind’.  It was a good exercise to experience with Reilly and it reminded me of how powerless she is and dependent she is on us to be patient and work through her eyes.


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