A good friend of mine has a birthday at the end of the month and our 5.00 am running group wanted to do something special for her. The idea was great but making it happen was a logistical feat, namely because her schedule is touch and go in terms of availability. After dozens of emails tossing out dates that worked for 5 of us, we finally settled on a date (last night) that coincides with our running clinic night for that would increase the odds she would be out.  We came up with several plan variations and had to be adaptable right to the last minute. Our friend arrived for the clinic night, so goal one was accomplished. Tentatively we asked her what time availability she had and she said she was good for a shorter run (i.e. 10k) tonight, of course she had no idea why we were asking. The agenda for the entire group was about an 11k run, so the 5 of us quickly decided to do a 5k run and then take her back to the store and simply tell her we are taking her for dinner for an early birthday treat.  So off we went with the rest of the group, then we headed right at 2.5k as the rest of the group headed on wards. I know we confused some of our other running friends in the process.   We managed to get close to 5k in and all during this time our friend never questioned our deviation for she is just easy going and if we only wanted to do 5k, that was good for her.  Then we told her the reason for cutting it short and she was thrilled. Our friend is a very humble person who doesn’t like much attention so our plan could easily have backfired with her back peddling out of the next step but she was a good sport and let us take her to dinner.

At dinner there was 6 of us and between us all there is over a 20 year difference between the youngest and oldest member of this group.  It is truly amazing that despite the differences in ages and stages in life, we have developed such wonderful relationships with each other and others in the running community we belong to, that now go beyond the simple act of getting together to put one foot in front of the other.   Over the course of the dinner we shared so many great laughs and I left with not only a full belly but a full heart knowing that I am part of such an incredible group of women.

This has so much meaning for me, for it has only taken me 37 years to arrive at this place.  The journey is still to continue but the one ahead is fully paved instead of the rock path that lay before it.


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