I am now a firm believer of the Law of Attraction and it all started with a massage appt a few weeks ago with a new massage therapist to work on some overly tight leg muscles from running.  The first few days following the appointment there was a flurry of activity, it was almost like the universe was saying “I am going to give you lots of signs in case you miss one, to start the awakening process, for up until now you have missed all the previous ones and you are not on the right track”.   Well I can’t say for certain I got all of the signs being delivered but the ones I noticed were so obvious that I don’t think I had a choice but to wake up and recognize that there is a different way of “being”.  I can’t say that just because I am tapping into this new energy force, the last few weeks have been a breeze. For I have to process and deal with a lot of challenges but I do feel that I am on the right path now.  It is definitely exciting and I can’t wait to see what else unfolds before me in the coming months.

One of things I have sent out a message on is a new position.  I have been with my current company just shy of one year and unfortunately it is not a good fit for a few different reasons.  Having said this though, I have learned so much this past year about who I am, what I should be doing and what I need to be doing.  Outside of the reasons why I am looking for a new opportunity, I feel that I have trapped myself in the past dwelling on what I should be doing based on society’s notion of success or ideal or what others are able to do.  The truth is that all of our circumstances are different, even within the same neighborhood, the dynamics, the challenges, etc. that go on behind each door could be as varied as the colour wheel.   It comes down to being authentic to yourself and as a family unit and defining your own vision of success and fulfillment.  Not an easy task indeed.


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