Right now I am writing this post one day before I have an interview for a new position.

I want this job! I want it not because I desire an out with my current position but rather because I honestly feel this new position is a great fit for me. I do believe there are other great positions out there for me and that this is not the only one but this is the one that is on the table right now and I can honestly say it packages up a position that draws on a lot of my strengths and past experiences within an industry that resonates with me. I would not be settling within this role nor would it be a role beyond my capabilities. It is one that I would be able to contribute in right away but yet still learn from my team and the opportunities that unfold within this position.

A collage of words from the job description (mixed up):

Manager, LEADERSHIPeffective customer interaction skillsstrives for successservice oriented, sound business knowledge and judgement, coaching strong organizational skillsmanage deliverables,  technical capabilities, communication, effective operational procedures and processes, hiring, facilitation skills, direct customer engagement, INTERNAL TEAM BUILDINGmanage expectationshighly motivated, engaged teams, performance managementdeliver consistent and quality serviceskill development, improvements and change initiatives.

Did I say that I want this job? I do. I believe that I would excel in this job and that it will allow me to be me. I am sending out positive vibes to the two individuals that will be conducting the interview tomorrow and creating the positive vibe within me today to carry forward to tomorrow. I can see myself reviewing the offer next week and signing it back. It is all good.


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