A little climb

A few months ago I purchased a Wag Jag at a Rock Climbing place nearby.  Mike and I have never done such a thing together and we figured we would give it a go. It almost never happened though for I totally forgot about the purchase and it expired today and I only made the reservation Sunday for last night. Phew!

So we arrive and get fitted for extra tight rock climbing shoes. Apparently the tighter the shoe the better so discomfort is a good thing. Really? To the girl who buys her running shoes 1 size bigger to avoid any black toes. The good thing is that when you started climbing you forget that your feet are uncomfortable for your focus is simply trying to stay attached to the wall in the name of fun.

During our session we practiced learning how to tie a Figure 8 knot and once the instructor was confident we got that down we were able to start climbing. The instructor was great with the instruction and both Mike and I learned how to belay each other.  Admittedly I was nervous about Mike belaying me when the instructor was around for he is not a multi-tasker and when they started talking to each other I feared that his focus was not on me.

Once we demonstrated that we could successfully belay each other, we were on our own. I don’t think we exchanged more than a dozen words each during the whole exercise for we were both so deep in concentration not wanting to fail each other.  Since Mike is 6’3″ he made it effortlessly up the wall each time. I found the whole experience tough. My forearms were very sore during the session even though I tried to use my legs to propel me up.   I also have sweaty hands so at times it was difficult to get a grip and out of the 6 or so times I went up, I think I only made it to the ceiling twice.  I definitely would give it a try again but I won’t be the one to initiate it, and if I never rock climb again that is okay with me.    At least I now know how to create a couple of knots and you never know when they might come in handy.


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