Thursday – Running Recap

I am still not back to my running fitness level prior to getting sick in spring. I have never experienced such a long recovery despite having to come back from many previous respiratory illnesses.  I just need to continue to remind myself that at least I am out there trying, it sure doesn’t help that I keep on sabotaging my eating regime which is another topic on its own.

Here is a brief recap of my running week so far:

Tuesday 5am – approx. 9k sans Garmin

Wed noon – first work lunch run this year. I probably ran 6k and decided to try my Vibram 5 finger toe shoes which was not a pleasant experience. I am going to try again but will need to ease into them with much shorter runs for I developed a blister within the first 2k that made the rest of the run miserable.

Thursday 5 am – approx. 8-9k sans Garmin. I actually brought my Garmin out but forgot to turn it on, doh!

I have been running in the same area for over a year now, and it is along a path in the heart of a little urban city. In the past you would see the occasional fox or rabbit but this year I am literally running into a lot more ‘wildlife’ which is a nice treat. In the last 6 years I have only come across 1 turtle in my running adventures but in the last 2 weeks, this is the 4th turtle I have seen.  Truthfully this is about as wild as I want it to get into terms of running into other wildlife.


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