Making Work Meaningful

I came across a new magazine at the drug store called Law of Attraction ( and although I am trying to curb my spending I was drawn to ‘invest’ the $5.99 + tax on it.  I have only started to read it and will take my time going through it but already I know that I was meant to come across it. The funny thing is that it is only in its second month of publication and to me this only reinforces the signs I am receiving that the universe does work a certain way and that I am embarking on an incredible next phase in my life.

One article that spoke to me loud and clear was one that talked about how  ‘work can be joyful and fun and meaningful, even if you aren’t in your ideal position just yet’.   Essentially it states that no matter what you do, your job is to ‘minister to human hearts’ and that every point of interaction gives you the opportunity to demonstrate love (and in my words compassion) which in turn will attract more loving energy.  In my mind this sounds like a win-win proposition and is a far more attractive strategy than the alternative which hasn’t been working out too well for me and that is to allow the negative situation (and energy) to penetrate to every cell in my body as a result of being legitimately frustrated. Moreover, this approach robs me of the ability to shed the weight when I walk out of the office and thus bring it home with me.

So yesterday I decided to embrace every connection I had with others in the office.  This involved having sincere conversations about how their weekend went or listen to a solution proposal with full attention or try to solve a problem that shouldn’t have happened in the first place with compassion and void of any judgment. I blocked out the frustrating reality of the situation and instead focused on sending out positive energy.  You know what? I had a great day! Again this new approach doesn’t take away from the dysfunction that exists, or the problems that need to be addressed, but as long as I am here I might as well do so with the utmost demonstration of compassion and love to others. Who knows what affect this might have on others and in turn the organization? I certainly have nothing more to lose and in fact all the more to gain.


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